Aloha! I’m Bree.

The little Big spoon has been in the workings for quite some time. In fact, this site began before my son was even a twinkle in our eye.

I am back in the kitchen more than ever nowadays, whipping up wholesome, delicious, and (usually) nutritious meals for my family of three. After all, life is about balance and cookies are my jam.

Especially recently, diet has impacted my life more than I ever thought it would, and has quite truly become a new way of living.

I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease this past year called Ulcerative Colitis. No one was more shocked than me. Prior to my diagnosis, I had lived a well balanced, “healthy” lifestyle; yet, this disease came fast and furiously.

Fortunately I have found a doctor and support system validating my beliefs that diet does in fact impact the path to healing and remission. Because of this, I have tailored my blog for recipes that are IBD-AID friendly, gluten-free, grain-free, and processed sugar free. Since diagnosis I have been maintaining a balanced diet based predominately by the IBD-AID protocol. You can read more about it here.

Recipes you will see on this blog are influenced by my own travel experiences and the influential cultures that make up who I am: American, Portuguese, Philipino, Hawaiian.

I believe food is what brings people together. So it is my hope to share with you a little about me through a taste or two (or many) of where I come from, who I am today, and where this crazy life will take us! Thank you so much for hanging out.