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Healthy "Sugar" Cookies

Healthy "Sugar" Cookies

Only 5 ingredients, nothing processed, totally IBD friendly.

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Healthy Sugar Cookies

Valentine’s Day may be one of my top favorite holidays. I know, I know… how lame right? Even before I was married, or had a boyfriend, it was just a very special day to me. I think I have to give the credit to my mom because she always made sure to spread EXTRA love on this day. I was (and still am) her forever Valentine, and she is mine!

I was determined to make a cutout cookie for Valentine’s Day. But I wanted (read: needed) to make one that was healthy, tasty, and followed within the IBD-AID protocol. But as you know, any sugar cookie or Christmas cookie is loaded with processed sugar, refined flour, and anything else bad for you (but oh so tasty). So, I did a little digging on the internet, and a little playing around with some essential ingredients I have in my house.

Well, I did it! Oh boy, did I do it!

These cookies have a desirable “bite” to them, and the nuttiness from the almond flour is something I just cannot quit! Someone please hide these from me, because I am going to eat them all before I have the opportunity to share them around!

It’s my hope that you make these lovable treats with your little ones this weekend, and make this Valentine’s Day very special for the ones you love. I know I will be <3


  • 1 1/2 c almond flour (finely ground)

  • 1/4 stick of butter

  • 3 tbsp of honey

  • 1 tsp of vanilla

  • 1/4 tsp of almond extract


Makes about 10-12 cookies depending on cutouts.

  1. Preheat oven to 325* and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

  2. In a medium size bowl, use a hand mixer to first mix together the almond flour and butter.

  3. Then add in the remaining ingredients.

  4. Once all mixed, the dough will be crumbly, that’s ok!

  5. From here you can either make round cookies by rolling them into balls. If you are making cookie cutter cookies see the next steps.

  6. Dump all the dough onto a piece of parchment paper.

  7. With another piece of parchment paper, form a disk with the dough.

  8. You can either place the dough in the fridge to chill, or roll the dough out between the two pieces of parchment paper to about 1/4 thickness. Then place in fridge to chill for at least 15 minutes.

  9. Once the dough is stiff enough, you can begin to cut out your cookies into the shape of your liking!

  10. Bake for 6-8 minutes. Don’t walk away from the oven!

  11. The bottom will be golden brown, not burnt, and it will definitely taste delicious!

Let me know if you make these cookies this weekend with your little ones! I would love to see you baking together in your own kitchen. Don’t forget to tag me in the pic so I can see the fun!

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