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5 Healthy Toddler Snacks To Pack On-The-Go

5 Healthy Toddler Snacks To Pack On-The-Go

Nobody likes a hungry toddler, so grab these 5 healthy snacks right from Amazon.

Ok, I have major analysis paralysis and total skepticism when it comes to packaged foods I buy, and also skincare products. I think if I don’t make it myself, it’s really hard to trust the quality and integrity of the product. Especially with all the scary toxic chemicals just now being highlighted in the news and discovered, what we once thought were trustworthy foods are in fact dangerous to our health! Ugh!

Which is why, in many cases, if the ENTIRE brand doesn’t uphold the same integrity with each product, I am a hard pass on everything they offer. Crazy? Sad? Annoying? Yes, probably. But I do make exceptions for convenience sake… sometimes. I am only human!

So here’s a quick list of 5 snacks you can find on Amazon, where you can trust the brand and leave the house freely and happily knowing you didn’t have to spend any more time necessary making homemade dried fruit chips (insert: smacking forehead emoji).

And, lastly, if you’re not into 2 day shipping, you could check your local grocery store or Target, and I bet most of these brands can be found there. Woo!

Can you add to this list? Or do yo feel like there’s better brands on Amazon that I am missing? Lemmeknow in the comments!

  1. Nosh for munchables (teething crackers), and puffs.

  2. Quinn Snacks for gluten free pretzel rods (I love, love this brand for myself for their popcorn :) )

  3. Munk Pack for the oatmeal pouches

  4. 88 acres for their seed bars, but dang their seed butters are SO freakin’ good, too.

  5. Bare for the baked fruit chips and baked veggie chips. The ingredients couldn’t be simpler and more honest.

    5A. I have to be honest, I’ve also bought Brothers All Natural because I was going for ultimate convenience and they come in easy peasy snack packs.



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