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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

How I celebrated and was celebrated the IBD way! 

What I thought I wanted on Mother’s Day: a day relaxing with my family, not having to cook a single thing. 

You see, I cook and bake almost everything homemade. And I love entertaining and cooking for others. But the thought of having to cook and bake, especially for a group, on Mother’s Day wasn’t too appealing. And neither was going to a restaurant where I’d have to be super selective and not able to indulge on anything “sweet.”

I had the great idea to hire a local chef welcomed into our home and cook everyone brunch. Because you know brunch is my favorite. She catered to specific dietary needs (like mine!). It sounded perfect.

Here is the IBD-AID friendly Mother’s Day menu:

  • Fruit salad with fresh mint
  • garden salad with lettuce from a local farmer
  • veggie quiche (2 year aged cheddar, tomatoes, spinach, Greek yogurt) with a grain free crust
  • almond flour bread French toast
  • Organic chicken sausage and bacon
  • SCD banana bread
  • IBD-AID apple cinnamon muffins
  • omelette station
  • bagels (my husband picked these up last minute, haha) clearly not IBD friendly

There was certainly a great, delicious variety of foods that everyone could enjoy.

Well, because I can’t help myself, I baked and froze two SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) banana breads a few days before and then morning of I baked apple cinnamon muffins (IBD-AID approved). 

Then, food was taking a bit longer than i expected, so I started serving appetizers. THEN I ended up making the French toast (bread came from Squirrel & The Bee) on the spot because it was taking too long for the hungry men in my family 😂 

Here’s the thing about it. I loved being in my kitchen, and I did not like someone else being in my kitchen and not running it the way I’d like. Control freak? Maybe? But I know how to please my family when it comes to food! 

The lesson? Don’t welcome a chef into your own kitchen expecting not to go to work haha. 

Second lesson? Continue to do what makes me happy. Feed people I love and care for food that is really freakin’ yummy and damn good for you!


PS. My French toast was the hit of the morning 💗 


PPS. I didn’t take any pictures except for these amazingly beautiful tulips I got from Burkes Blooms. Katy Burke is a boutique florist out of her home in Milton. A local and a magician with flowers. A week later my blooms are still full. My mom also mentioned her arrangement was the most beautiful one she’s ever received and they stayed alive for so long!






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